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There are a few settings for additional Features.

Enable Avatars

  • Default is ON
  • This setting allows you to disable avatars completely inside of your forum. This option is not connected to the general WordPress-setting for avatars. This option gives you more control over your website:
    • You can turn on avatars for your forum without turning them on globally for your complete website
    • You can also turn off avatars for your forum while you still can use avatars in other places of your website

Enable SEO-friendly URLs

  • Default is ON
  • When enabled, the forum uses SEO-friendly URLs which are more easily used by humans and search engines.
  • Note: This option requires a valid permalink-structure which can be set in your WordPress setting (Settings -> Permalinks). SEO-friendly URLs do not work with a “Plain” permalink-structure.
  • Old links which were used in a version of Asgaros Forum before SEO-friendly URLs were added will still work when this option is enabled. The required redirect-headers will also be set to ensure that search engines automatically update and refer to the new locations.

Enable reactions

  • Default is ON
  • When enabled, users can like (click thumbs-up) or dislike (click thumbs-down) as feedback to a post. On the lower-left area of a post, click your sentiment. The like or dislike will increment by 1. You may only have 1 reaction, but you can change your mind and and re-click the same like/dislike to neutralize your sentiment – then click the opposite sentiment to change it or just leave it which will have the affect of not expressing a sentiment.

Enable search functionality

  • Default is ON
  • When enabled, the search functionality will be turned on. The search finds the keyword(s) in either the body of a topic/reply or in the topic title. Please see Search in the User Guide.

Enable RSS Feeds

  • Default is OFF
  • When enabled, RSS Feeds will be available for topics and forums. The link to the RSS Feed can be found in the lower area of a topic or forum.

Count topic views

  • Default is ON
  • This option allows you to globally disable the view-counting inside of topics. Disabling this option removes the view-counter from the statistics area as well as inside the topic-overview inside of forums.
  • Note: If you disable this options, views will not counted and updated at all anymore to safe server resources. If you decide to enable this option again, the counter will continue at the point of disabling this option.

Show who is online

  • Default is ON
  • When enabled, this will show the names of online users as well as the number of guests in the statistics area. It also highlights the avatar of online users in a light-green color (inside topics, profiles, members list, etc).

Show statistics

  • Default is ON
  • When enabled, statistics about the forum will be shown on the bottom of the forum home:

Allow guest postings

  • Default is OFF
  • When enabled, guests without a user account can create new topics and posts inside categories which are accessible for “Everyone”.