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Installing Asgaros Forum only requires a few simple steps.

  • There are two ways to get Asgaros Forum:
    • From your WordPress administration menu, select Plugins – Add New. Search for Asgaros Forum and press¬†Install¬†when you found it.
    • Download Asgaros Forum from the WordPress plugin directory and upload the plugin files afterwards to the /wp-content/plugins/asgaros-forum directory.
  • Activate the plugin via the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  • Create a new page for your forum, add the [forum] shortcode to it and save the page.
  • Add this page to your sites menu so you can access it.
  • On the left side of the administration area you will find a new menu called Forum where you can configure the structure and other areas of your forum. If you are not sure about one or more of these, leave the default setting to see how it works and then change them accordingly.
  • A few other considerations which can be done now or at a later time:
    • See the User Groups section of the documentation to gain insight as how to setup and create private forums for certain user groups.
    • See the Tips, Tricks & Useful Information section of the documentation for a variety of interesting best practices and customizations.
    • See the FAQ for common questions and answers.

Thats all!