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Why Can't We Have Sub Forums of Sub Forums?

Just like the title says “Why Can’t We Have Sub Forums of Sub Forums?” I figured this would be an obvious standard feature of any forum software. This forum looked really promising but lacking a couple basic features such as You can only create one sub forum to a forum. 🙁 It is also missing a main category/parent forum page as discussed by other users and the Asgaros creator said he would consider it in some post I read a long time ago.

I have a bunch of vBulletin 4 websites that I was changing over to WordPress Asgaros  Forum but after coding a program to transfer the data over to Asgaros Forum I noticed right away during the process of creating all the forums I couldn’t add the sub forums of sub forums from vBulletin 4 and hit a road block and decided to suggest the added feature here.


Side note, I see this is open source and on GitHub, I never use GitHub but have a question, how does one add features to this forum plugin (to git hub)? Do I need to create fork or make changes and then request it to be uploaded to the main – no idea lol. But I was thinking of trying to add the feature I was suggesting, add sub forums to sub forums.

If you are reading this Asgaros creator I will try your forum again if you ever update the forum to be able to add sub forums to sub forums.



Great job on this project.