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There are some active SPAMMERS on here

Hi Admins,

I am exploring Forum plugins for WP sites and am liking a lot about Asgaros and the straightforward functions it provides.

As I started looking at the Support forums here, there are SADLY some SPAMMERS junking this up and reducing the appeal of your Plugin and related work.


Check out:

They are posting non sense that is NOT at all related to Asgaros.

Hope you have a way of deleting their accounts and ALL these idiotic posts.







You took care of some,  but there are more:

All you need to do is go to the Recent Activity and check some of these posters / posts….



Hello @fasteddie

Yes, its an ongoing problem. I was three weeks in holiday so I had no time to clean it up. But now I am back and will check again regularly.

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In addition to banning the spammer, can you delete the post(s)?