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BuddyPress Integration v0.1.1

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Hello @hejsan

Did you or a developer made any code-modifications to BuddyPress or the integration-plugin?

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What is the status of the buddypress integration in Jan 2021? Is it working, and is this a project you are still developing?

Hello @adamrafferty

Asgaros Forum is still under development. The BuddyPress-integration is not tested yet with the latest versions of the plugin and probably requires updates. Thats the reason why this functionality is not included in the core of the plugin yet.

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

Hi @asgaros
Für mich ist es auch SEHR interessant, zu wissen ob BuddyPress möglich ist…
Hab die Integration zwar mal hochgeladen und es einfach so mal ausprobiert – aber es tat sich nichts.

Ich kann auch gerade eine völlig risikofreie Testumgebung anbieten, da ich das Forum neu einrichte und wir praktisch NICHTS kaputt machen können und alles von Grund auf errichtet wird.

Sonnige Grüße


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Why are we getting unnecessary responses on our forum lately?

@asgaros, greetings.
How do I include the forum menu above the buddypress profile page. I’m using the integration only for the profile screen, which suits me perfectly.

Uploaded files:
  • menu-asgaro.JPG
  • screen-perfil.JPG
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Some highlights of this version are One-click internal bbPress forum integration allowing you to set up group forums in less than a minute. | hand sanitizer 

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Hi @asgaros
I would like to know where the accessory goes? Need to download the zip file in the first comment? Or is there another one? Is it compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress and WordPress?

I use Buddypress, Asgaros BuddyPress-Integration and the Asgaros Forum.

Both work great together.

I installed both from the plugin installation directory under Wordpress.

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The plugin doesn’t work. Displayed very bad, deleted

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