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Wie kann ich die Farbe von ''Kategorie'' und ''Neues Thema'' ändern?

Hallo zusammen,

ich möchte die Schriftfarbe von den Kategorien und Statistiken im Forum ändern. Außerdem auch des Buttons ”Neues Thema” und ”Senden” beim schreiben eines Beitrages. Diese sind standardmäßig auf #fff gestellt. Ich möchte sie in #686868 ändern.

Vielen Dank um Voraus!

I’m not sure exactly what elements you want to change, but for starters you could try this.  I tested to make sure it works as I understand.  It might do other things you don’t want.  Put this code in your theme’s style.css file.

Change the text color of the statistics elements

#af-wrapper div#statistics-elements {
  color: blue;

Change the color of text in the “New topic” and “Submit” buttons

#af-wrapper .forum-menu .forum-editor-button,
#af-wrapper .editor-row-submit div.right .button {
     color: #686868 !important;

I can’t guess what exactly you want to change for categories.  But maybe you can figure it out from here.  Using your browser’s development menu “Inspector” can help you figure out what classes/id’s need to be selected.


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Thank you for your quick reply 🙂 It worked very well.

Now the next question results from it: how I can change the color of the admin in the widget-area? The current color is red as standard. Also I want to extend the length of the exerpt in the widget.


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