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PeepSo Integration

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a small plugin to integrate Asgaros Forum into PeepSo for a small personal project and want to share my work with you.


This plugin integrates the features of the best Forum Plugin for WordPress into PeepSo. It brings some notification and activity extras and ease up the way to to use Asgaros Forum in your community.

Included features:

  • Options to create forum activities and notifications inside PeepSo
  • Options to redirect forum profiles to PeepSo profiles
  • Forum notification settings in PeepSo profile settings

Premium features:

  • Options for mention and reaction notifications
  • Options to show forum stats of user in PeepSo profiles
  • Options to add forum links to PeepSo navigation
  • Options to use PeepSo toolbar in forum pages
  • Give members the ability to change subscription settings inside their profiles

How to install:

  • Make sure that PeepSo and Asgaros Forum are installed and activated
  • Download PeepSo – Asgaros Forum Integration by Quenso from plugin directory in WordPress
  • Activate the plugin via Plugins screen in WordPress backend
  • Change settings in WordPress Backend -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Asgaros Forum Integration to your self desired ones
  • Thats all – have fun!

Included languages:

  • English
  • German

Plugin link: PeepSo – Asgaros Forum Integration by Quenso

Get PRO Version of the Plugin: PeepSo – Asgaros Forum Integration PRO

Support: Use this topic or visit my website.

Hope you’ll like it!
I will add some features later on.

Uploaded files:
  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png
  • screenshot-3.png
  • screenshot-4.png
  • screenshot-5.png
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Hello @quenso

Nice job! Thanks for sharing your plugin! 🙂

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

The plugin is offline