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On-site notifications for forum users


WP Notification Bell allows you to display notifications on-site (custom notifications, new posts/custom post types notifications, new comment replies…).

For Asgaros Forum users, you can use the Asgaros Forum Notifications add-on to add a notification bell and notify users about replies in topics they’re subscribed to.

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How do you configure to get notified when a user replies in the forum?

I am having trouble. I am trying many ways for hours. Please help me!



If you’ve already configured the WP Notification Bell plugin to display the bell on your site, the Asgaros addon requires no additional configuration.
There are only 2 cases when users will see a notification for Asgaros:
– when someone else replies in a topic they’re subscribed to (by clicking on notify me button or the subscribe button : the same buttons used for email notifications)
– when someone mentions them in a reply
If you need to let any user who replied to a topic get notified about all future topic replies, whether they’re subscribed to this topic or not, just let me know.

Thanks you!

Thanks for trying it out!

Hi, friends,  @asgaros and @qualmy91
Could you guys help me with this manual notification setup? I need the ATTRIBUTE ID and CLASS ATTRIBUTE to adjust insert in the fields. I'm only wanting to create notifications of new posts in case of subscription and new mentions.
Sorry, I don't have money to buy the extension.
Thank you very much.
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@rison and @wsa

A question, did you buy the extension or did the manual configuration? If you did manual, could you share the settings?
I appreciate the support.