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Notifications not sent despite News & Posts set in Subscription settings

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Embarrassingly, I made some incorrect assumptions and this does not appear to be the problem we are running in to. I will create a new post if/when we have more information.

We have discovered a rather odd problem, namely that a specific user who has set her notifications to “everything” (News & Posts) is not receiving notifications for some new posts and replies from the general forums (not the private ones where you should not get a notification unless you are a member of the private forum).

Attached shows an additional test I performed to validate the problem. As you can see, I am expecting to get “everything”. Unfortunately I have not received the post and reply notifications, and I checked spam/junk and they were not filtered out.

In our installation, this problem can be reproduced at will. I asked the user to double-check setting,

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You guys really need some anti-spam software. Sheesh!

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