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How to cut double in url …/forum/forum/…


I created page “Forum”, and added shortcode [forum]. Now my page has url – – it’s ok, and I see my added asgaros forum.

After it I created some forums and topics under main category. When I direct to one of insides forums, I have url –

…/forum/… – it’s url by my page, that has shortcode.

…/forum/forum… – it’s my page url + asgaros forum plagin url.

Note. When I direct to some of topics, I have normal url: (because it doesn’t has page url).

How can I cut doubled “forum” in my url?

my site

Thank you!

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Hey Laren,

all the urls in Asgaros Forum have the same pattern:

The view tells your website what it has to display and can not be changed, e.g. “forum” or “topic”. So the link to a specific forum has the following structure:

And if you go to a topic it will be like this:

So if you want to get rid of the double “forum” in the url the only way is to change the permalink of your page where you inserted the forum shortcode “[forum]“. Change the permalink to “community” and the url wil be:

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Hi qualmy91!

Thank you. I thought so too.

I don’t like the extra “community” tag either. Maybe so?