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How set permissions to private forums

Hello to everyone who is here.

I don’t think I understand how the permission system works.

On, I have a forum that has one section accessible to everyone and another section that requires special permissions.

In this latter section, there are sub-forums that the administrator manually opens only to certain users who achieve specific monthly results.

This is the structure:

  • Basic Drawing Course
    • First month
    • Second month
    • Third month
    • etc.

What happens (and it’s probably my mistake) is that if I give a user permission for the first month, they can see all the subsequent months, whereas they should only see the first month until I give them permission to see the second month.

I have attached a screenshot of the administration panel of one of the forums I mentioned because it surely depends on how I have set up the user groups.

Thank you for the attention.

Uploaded files:
  • Immagine-2023-09-04-182129.png

Hello @alessandro-pedronigmail-com

The usergroup permissions are only applied to the categories, and not the forums/sub-forums within. Probably thats something I could improve in the future.

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It would be great to have additional permission capabilities. My site is for a small group of people who own units in a condominium. We have a board of directors. I would like to allow all owners to see what the BOD is doing but not post to the BOD’s forum.

As an admin you can close the thread and therefore no one other than the admin can continue to post anything.

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