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Ganja Gods Forum – doing it where its legal

On a scale of 1-5 I rate this site…
5 – It needs nothing and is a UX dream
4 – It looks great but needs just a couple of tweaks
3 – Its cool but there's some quirks that make it difficult to use
2 – Its not even average – you have major work to do!
1 – Throw it in the gutter and go start another!

Hey allllll….

I want the best community guide and forum on how to grow, consume and create with mary jane in the legal areas of the Caribbean – but this site could be valuable to anyone with such aspirations. All feedback is appreciated and I can share with you any customizations I did 🙂

  • UX – if I were going on a journey – is it laid out before me? Do I easily understand where to start and is my hand held through the process?
  • Design – is it easy on the eyes? Can you consume the content comfortably? Do colors move your eyes or highlight the path appropriately?
  • What could be better? What was unexpected? Where did I fall short?
  • Aside – the Q&A portion is empty as it will be launched for the community to ask questions from a number of pre-determined experts I have recruited to moderate. I will seed these with questions from my whatsapp groups of about 800 people

Become one of the Ganja Gods! If you need any help, let me know, I am a designer and front end developer with some back end chops. Click the logo to get to


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