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Extend shortcode to show specific content only

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I use this shortcode: [forum category=„56“] but it does not work. The Id is correct and I just beginn to work with asgaros, so I don’t use  other shortcode from asgaros.


Hello @moench1987

Please check again the ID. It should work fine. Also use ” instead of „ or “.

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No it works. Thank you!


Asgaros has reacted to this post.

I’ve added my main forum in the page “Community” and then I hoped to created pages for the specific categories as child pages to Community.

EG, I created Community/Robotics and in the Robotics page I used the shortcode [forum category="6"] (The robotics category ID is 6)

However, it was still showing the whole forum on the Robotics page.

If I change the Robotics page parent to another page, EG, Home, it then works fine.

Not too much of an issue TBH, I’ll create a different parent page to Categories instead. More of an FYI for anyone else who may come across this problem.

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