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Can I sell here 2 plugins? Adding any text near avatar and adding text near any member.

Guys I have 2 super nice plugins for this forum!

Is it possible to sell them here? I need now money… Or maybe somehow I can add it to Wordpress plugins list?

About plugins:

1. You can add any text around in the bottom of avatar.

2. You can write any text (note) near every member of forum! So you can write some info about everybody! This is amazing plugin!!!

I added screenshots with how it looks like!

Uploaded files:
  • 1.png
  • 2.png
  • 3.png
  • 4.png

Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial, I’ll be using it soon! 1v1 lol

It doesn’t look like this is plugin happened, and I’m looking for Topic descriptions as in Simple Press.